The countdown is on! ⏳ How to Thrive After Crisis

How to Thrive After Crisis—Are You Ready?
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Don’t miss out this event tomorrow. March 26, at 11:00 a.m. (CET).

I invite you to join us for a virtual meetup at IMD. You’ll see how organizations are emerging stronger despite the Covid crisis. It turns out companies that are future-ready always win. 

So how do leaders prepare their organizations ahead of time? Don’t wait. Sign up here.👇

Take a break and read our most popular articles. Trending. 👓

You’re Emailing More Because of Remote Work. Here’s Why You Should Email Less Instead

There are two types of work we do every day. One is reactive, fast-paced, brain-dead work. The second is intentional, slow, effortful work. Most of us have responsibilities in both.

Remote work is a bold experiment we are all taking part by necessity. But the overall picture looks grim. A recent study by the Harvard Business School analyzed people’s email patterns and online meeting invitations. Employees are having longer and noisier days. 


Here’s How You Can Judge a Leader’s Narrative: Five Charts

Everyone wants to tell their own version of the story. That was my feeling after I read Hot Seat by Jeff Immelt, the former head of the once-mighty General Electric. The company is a shell of its former self. Under Immelt’s watch, GE lost $500 billion in value. But it’s easy to play Monday morning quarterback. Without hindsight, any critic will make the same mistakes. 

Here’s what my research team found out after putting together five different graphs. 


Two Charts That Explain How Mastercard and Visa Have Become Future-Proof

Disruption is everywhere, and that includes the world of finance. 2020 was a year for fintech innovation, and Covid-19 was the accelerant. When people shop at home, electronic payments take off. When people stop visiting banks, they manage their finances online.

At IMD’s Center For Future Readiness, we have been tracking how ready financial institutions are for a changing future. Here’s a glimpse into our latest 2021 ranking.



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The countdown is on! ⏳ How to Thrive After Crisis -
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