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I believe in the power of preparing for the future, both for organizations and individuals. My mission is to help you navigate challenges, seize opportunities, and shape a brighter tomorrow. Let’s work together to unlock the potential that lies ahead.

Transformative Workshops

Sometimes, the best way forward is to step back and gain perspective. In these immersive workshops, we’ll examine the challenges your team faces, draw inspiration from innovative case studies, and explore exciting new possibilities. The result? A shared vision for the future with clear action steps. My workshops can be customized into engaging 1-3 day experiences that align with your unique needs.

Leadership Development Programs

As organizations evolve, their leaders must evolve too. Our personal growth programs are designed to unlock your leadership potential, empowering you to drive meaningful change. Choose from immersive experiences at the prestigious IMD campus in Lausanne, Switzerland, or a unique joint offering by IMD and MIT that fit your schedule. Develop the skills and mindset to become a catalyst for shaping your organization’s future.

Inspiring Keynotes

There’s power in a shared vision. These thought-provoking keynotes explore the critical importance of future-readiness, sharing stories and strategies that spark a drive for transformation. Browse Our Speaking Topics and ignite change in your audience.

Bespoke Learning Journeys

Every organization has a unique path. Working with other IMD experts, I’ve designed learning journeys that directly address your specific needs and aspirations. Discover How We’ve Helped Others and let us guide you towards your goals.

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Future readiness refers to a company’s ability to anticipate and adapt to external changes through strategic foresight and tactical adaptability. As the world grows more ambiguous, companies must scale up new capabilities to maintain a competitive edge. To be future-ready, business leaders must extend their horizon beyond immediate market trends and anticipate changes to achieve sustained profitability.

Future readiness equips organizations with a competitive edge, resilience, and growth opportunities by fostering strategic adaptability and innovation. It's essential for navigating uncertain times, as demonstrated by companies like Microsoft with their forward-thinking initiatives. A future-ready stance enables organizations to swiftly pivot in response to market changes, thereby improving performance and attracting top talent. Embracing future readiness is not just advantageous but necessary for survival and success in the dynamic global economy, demanding a balance between immediate performance and long-term transformation.

Howard Yu has worked with and delivered customized training programs for a wide array of global companies across various sectors. This includes collaboration with leading entities in technology and telecommunications like China’s TravelSky, China’s Tencent, and ASML; in consumer goods and retail with giants such as Mars, Electrolux, The LEGO Group, and Heineken; in transportation and logistics with industry leaders like Maersk, BMW, and Bosch; in healthcare and pharmaceuticals with renowned firms such as Sanofi, Novartis, and Novo Nordisk; in the industrial and manufacturing sector with companies including China Resources, COFCO (China), and ABB; in the financial services sector with Temasek (Singapore), NatWest and UBS. His work spans a broad spectrum of industries, demonstrating a global footprint and a versatile approach to meeting the varied needs of each sector.

Howard Yu combines research with teaching to create an enriching learning experience, emphasizing the importance of future readiness in business education. As the LEGO Professor of Management and Innovation, he encourages a lively classroom atmosphere where practical application meets theoretical exploration. Through case studies and partnerships with leading companies, Yu prepares students and executives for the complexities of the global business environment, advocating for a broadened perspective and continuous innovation. His teaching is marked by engagement, global-mindedness, and a commitment to equipping learners for success in a rapidly changing world.

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