Center for Future Readiness

IMD Business School, Switzerland

The Center for Future Readiness at IMD

I teach executive programs at IMD. As the LEGO® Professor of Management and Innovation, I direct the school’s Center for Future Readiness. The mission of the Center is to quantify which organizations are most ready for a changing future. What can we learn from them?

Our Readiness Index measures the degree to which industry incumbents are likely to leap toward new knowledge frontiers.

Every carmaker, for example, is shifting away from the mechanical engineering of the internal combustion engine. They are changing toward building electric vehicles that blend connectivity with self-driving capability based on algorithms. Our index is a composite of proxies that predict an organization’s likelihood to leap.

Within any given sector, whether finance, consumer brands or automotive, we ask questions such “which organisations are most prepared to deal with the changing world?”

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Why Your Best Innovators Are Always Out of Bounds: Just Look at Allbirds
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