The Most Future-Ready Companies Of 2022 In Finance And Automotive

The Most Future-Ready Companies Of 2022 In Finance And Automotive
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Clarity is mastery. Great companies don’t happen by sudden revolution. They materialize via incremental evolution. Quarterly wins and iterations stack up outcomes of excellence over the long term. That is to say, you can’t become future-ready while in panic mode. 

At IMD, we track companies’ future readiness. We do this through objective measures calculated as composite scores. Earlier this month, we have the ranking of 2022. We have made a major update for two industries: Automotive and Finance. Follow the links below to find interactive graphics for further exploration. 

1. Four Charts That Show How Tesla Is Winning and New Carmakers Are Surging

You can’t sell a car that you don’t have. The turmoil of the global auto industry is unending. Before the semiconductor shortage hit the industry, there had been a shift toward electric drivetrains. Just as we are emerging from the pandemic, the energy crisis and surging inflation have cast uncertainty on the industry outlook. 

It’s in this environment that we see Tesla pulling even further ahead. Most interesting is the emergence of a new rising star: BYD. 

2. Two Charts That Show What a Future-Ready Financial Services Company Is

Fintech is big, but “traditional” banks now have a window of opportunity to get back in. This year, Block landed in sixth place behind two stalwart banks: JPMorgan Chase and DBS.

The craze over the pandemic meme stocks is coming to an end. Nasdaq and tech firms have all tumbled. It’s in this context that we see an adjustment in the financial industry in 2022. The financial services companies with strong balance sheets are the ones that will continue to grow. The halo of a sleek mobile app no longer suffices.

To dig deeper, our indicator has fortunately received quite a lot of media attention. Here are some additional angles. 

3. CNBC Interview: The supply chain crunch, like any crisis, is a “stress test” for companies

4. CGTN Interview: Future readiness indicator – financial services and automotive Industry

5. Here’s what Elon Musk buying Twitter tells us about the economy

The mantra of growth at all costs that we saw in previous years is now ending. With inflation, interest rate hikes and geopolitical uncertainty, the winning qualities of companies have changed. Even Musk is changing his stand on moonshot ambition. 

Thank you for reading! Let us know what you think by emailing us or leaving a comment. We’ll continue to update the Readiness Indicator and share more with you. 

Stay well! 

The Most Future-Ready Companies Of 2022 In Finance And Automotive -

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