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Thinking In Bets As Your Company Scales Innovation

No one can predict innovation despite the eager pundits. They are ones who profess on talk shows without consequences.

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His Fault Her Fault Their Fault Not Me. Blame shifting.

When Bosses Blame, They Destroy Learning. Here’s Why.

We know these people already. They finger-point everywhere except themselves. They see the office as a jungle and make it so.

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Diverse business partners arguing

How Lazy Thinking Leads to Outdated Values and Causes a Corporate Meltdown

When you are leading a team, an unthinking, semi-automatic reaction won’t do. There are inner struggles you can’t and shouldn’t escape.

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Business people talking in meeting

Two Charts That Show Some Conflicts in Top Leadership Are a Good Thing

The real question to any leader is this: Will I be willing to endure the emotional pain to go through the human messiness of argument and truth-seeking?

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3 charts that explain investors are skeptical

Three Charts That Explain Investors Are Not Short Term, They Are Just Skeptical

Short-term pressure—that’s what everyone complains about. They speak openly about the market pressure for short-term performance.

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How Leaders Should Make Critical Decisions - Howard Yu

How Leaders Should Make Critical Decisions

In a decentralized organization, business leaders would directly negotiate. But how do you judge if the deal was overpriced or not?

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