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Professor Howard Yu, author of LEAP

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What Is More Exciting Than Coinbase’s IPO in the Crypto World?

Apr 15, 2021

visual representation of the digital Cryptocurrency Bitcoin and a dollar bill

Gold is valuable. Pawnshops are not. When a new investment opportunity bursts onto the scene, people sometimes get confused between the value of an asset and the value of the…

Remote Work is Here to Stay. Here’s How to Restructure Office Interactions

Apr 13, 2021

People holding empty colourful speech bubbles

The interesting aspect of the post pandemic office won’t be who’s returning and who’s working remotely. It’s how we’ll change the way we interact. Certain work practices that we used…

Three Charts That Explain Investors Are Not Short Term, They Are Just Skeptical

Apr 09, 2021

Freelance broker trading through laptop at desk while working from home.

Short-term pressure—that’s what everyone complains about. In my discussions with senior executives at large companies, they speak openly about the market pressure for short-term performance. Specifically, it’s the pressure from…

4 Charts That Explain Why Companies Must Embrace Remote Work: Employee Voice

Apr 06, 2021

A smiling asian woman with pink suit working in office desk using computer

The pandemic is far from over. But employers can’t wait to see their workers back. Most desperate of all are real estate developers. Whether it’s in New York, San Francisco,…

How Leaders Should Make Critical Decisions

Apr 01, 2021

A woman using laptop next to a wall painted with arrows leading to different directions

Bias for action: That’s what we are told. But we are also told to think before we act. That’s why it is key to spot decisions that have minimal consequences.…